Reclaim It! Virtual Conference 2021 Index/Session Description

February 13, 2021 Created by Full Proof Events Ministries- Nondenominational International Church Senior Pastor Daryl M. Whiten, New Haven, CT (also has a Master’s Degree in Social Work from  Walden University, as well as a Master’s Degree in Public Administration).  

Their Mission- “Our responsibility is to equip God’s people to do His work and build up the church, the body of Christ. To equip the church to love and disciple, those coming out of an  LGBT lifestyle, as well as to equip the Church to discern the false narratives undergirding the  LGBTQ culture and know how best to help individuals trapped in the false identity.” 


Nate Oyloe 

April Lockhart 

Bonnie Gasper 

Walt Heyer 

Michelle Cretella, MD 

Judith Reisman, Ph.D. 

Daren Mehl 

Jon Uhler, MS LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor), CCTP (Certified Clinical Trauma  Professional) 

George Carneal 

Lisa Diamond video 

Vickie Joy Anderson 

Laura Perry 

Luca Jo Groppoli 

Heather and Stephen Ruggero 

Video Segment 1- (0:00:00- 4:12:30) 

0:00:00- 0:06:31 Pastor Daryl M. Whiten explains what led him to host the conference. He  seeks to answer the question, “What can the Church do to address the LGBTQ misinformation  and help those struggling within the Church?” This conference is the beginning of a  conversation to that end. 

O:06:31- 0:09:20 Introduction of Conference Moderator- Tamara Scott has hosted shows on  radio and cable TV since 1998. She currently hosts a weekly show online show (called, “Tamara  Scott Live”) and broadcasts live on WHO 1040 FM KTIA. She has served in the public arena for  decades as a lobbyist in D.C. and in the Iowa State, House of Representatives. As the Iowa  State Director for Concerned Women for America, she seeks to advance family values in our  culture.

0:09:20- 0:58:05– Pastor Nate Oyloe, founder and President of Agape First Ministries, has  ministered to the “sexually broken” for over 20 years and has taught nationally on issues of  gender and the redemptive power of God. 

Same-Sex Attractions and the Brain- What Neuroscience and Epigenetics are Confirming  Regarding TransformationThis presentation addresses inner healing and the renewing of our  minds and is taught from a counseling perspective. 

0:58:05- 1:10:48- April Lockhart 

Personal Testimony April Lockhart identified as a Lesbian from ages 14-25, and discusses her  history of being molested at age five, by two women, and her difficult, “messy journey” out of  homosexuality. Her Youth Pastor told her there was no hope for her and gave her the green  light to go ahead with her homosexuality, but she is now happily married to a man and has  three children. 

1:12:08- 1:46: 17 Bonnie Gasper- MN Child Protection League Board Member  “Identity Theft” The mission of the Child Protection League is to protect children from  “violence, exploitation and indoctrination.” In this presentation, Bonnie gives an eye-opening  presentation on how disinformation, particularly through decades of gender and  comprehensive sexuality education curricula in the schools, has stolen our children’s  identities. She will expose the organizations, core principles and beliefs driving the stated goal  of “social change” in America’s children. Some of the content is graphic and not appropriate for  children…even though it is being taught to children. She will explain how that is permitted and  will also provide guidance on what the Church can do. 

1:47:10- 2:24:18 Walt Heyer experienced a very troubled, trauma filled childhood. At age 42,  he transitioned to a woman and lived 8 years as Laura Jensen before discovering he made a  “devastating mistake”. This video speaks directly and explicitly to the Church, with the intent to  help us understand how we might help this hurting population from the time they first  approach the church. 

2:25:36- 3:22:36– Michelle Cretella, M.D. is the Executive Director of the American College of  Pediatricians, a national organization of pediatricians and other health care professionals  dedicated to the health and well-being of children. 

“Transgender Belief: No Conflict between Faith and Science” This video provides medical  information and viable studies supporting her findings and experience that, individual feeling of  being “transgender” is not inborn and is changeable; counseling to achieve acceptance of one’s  body is possible; modern psychology to align identity with sex, remains untried. She further  asserts, puberty blockers, “wrong sex” hormones and surgeries are dangerous, and there is no  evidence these prevent suicide; and new evidence reveals they may actually “cause physical  and mental illness and death”.

3:24:00- 4:12:30- Judith Reisman, Ph.D. 

“An Interview with Jon Uhler” The tragic rape of Dr. Reisman’s 10 year old daughter, by an  underage neighbor boy, sent Dr. Reisman on a life-long quest to find and expose the lies and  fraudulent teachings regarding human sexuality (i.e. “children are sexual from birth”) propagated by Alfred Kinsey, from Indiana University. Almost single-handedly, Dr. Reisman  discovered and exposed these fraudulent “scientific studies,” and explains how these lies have  affected the laws, educational system, and beliefs of the America’s general population since the  1940s.  

Video Segment 2- (0:00:00- 1:58:51) 

0:00:00- 0:02:29– Tamara Scott, Moderator Comments 

0:02:40- 0:13:53- Daren Mehl  

Personal Testimony Daren is currently president of “Voice of the Voiceless”. Daren identified  as gay Christian in high school, but describes his journey coming out of homosexuality.  

0:16:18- 00:58:00 Jon Uhler, MS, LPC, CCTP He is the Founder and Executive Director of  Survivor Support, Inc. ( ) 

“Trans-Deception” In this presentation, Jon explains that he has worked for 11+ years with  child sex offenders and, also, with other individuals struggling with related, trauma-based  disorders. He provides information to assist therapists helping those being victimized, explains  how children are being groomed within the Trans movement, and exposes brainwashing  techniques which are being used in that process. He states, “Remove porn from the Trans  movement and it will disappear.” 

0:58:22- 1:08:21 George Carneal 

Personal Testimony George is the son of a Baptist pastor, and went into the homosexual  lifestyle for 25 years. His testimony includes his experience of how he dealt, concurrently, with  “faith” and “same-sex attraction”. He points out that “everyone is looking for a place to  belong”. “We won’t find peace and contentment when we’re living in sin.” The Church can  provide a strong sense of belonging. George wrote the book, From Queer to Christ: My  Journey into the Light

1:09:15- 1:10:49 Lisa Diamond Video-  

“Just How Different Are Female and Male Orientations” In this short video, Lisa explains why  LGBTQ should stop using the “born that way” argument. It has three problems: 1.) It is not  scientifically accurate, 2.) It is not legally necessary. 3.) It is unjust.  

Listen to the TED Talk in its entirely at

1:10:59- 1:13:00- Vicki Joy Anderson- a Christian author, wrote the book, The Emperor’s New  Gender, and discussed the need to propagate the truth in love regarding gender issues within  our churches and culture. 

1:48:15- 1:16:16 Bonnie Gasper a member of the Minnesota Child Protection League, presents and discusses, what the League is doing to support family values in our culture. 

1:16:45- 1:27:06 Laura Perry  

Personal Testimony Laura (at age 8) was tragically molested by a boy a year older than she  was. She grew up in a “strict legalist home” and, at an early age, went headlong into  pornography and promiscuity. At age 25, she went through transitioning to a “male” with  hormones injections and a double mastectomy, and lived as a “man” for nearly 10 years. She  tells her journey of coming to Christ and realizing, the gender transitioning did not have the  results she had hoped it would. She explains how she decided to de-transition and “live in her  biological female sex”. 

1:27:42- 1:58:51 Luca Jo Groppoli  

Personal Testimony Luca shares how she lived three decades in same-sex relationships, until  she came to Christ and left the lifestyle to follow Him. 

Video Segment 3- (0:00:40- 1:13:57) 

0:00:40- 0:32:54- Heather & Stephen Ruggero  

“Spiritual Healing and Wholeness” Heather & Stephen explain how they use Biblical  principles to help “broke” people be set free from physical, mental, and emotional pain and  bondage. ( ) 

0:32:54- 1:06:08  

Question and Answer Session- Nate Oyloe, Luca Jo Groppoli, George Carneal, Bonnie Gasper,  Laura Perry, April Lockhart, Heather & Stephen Ruggero, Daren Mehl, Dr. Judith Reisman, Jon  Uhler 

1:06:08- 1:13:00 Closing Comments and Prayer– Pastor Daryl M. Whiten and Tamara Scott